Vintage Photo: Teddy Roosevelt and Horse, Shrouded for Maintenance, Museum of Natural History NYC June 1988

When I took this one, the workers were sandblasting, painting  or doing something else messy.  Teddy Roosevelt, his horse and Indian Guide had to be wrapped up.  I just heard that there is some talk of removing this monument, given the interest in removing offensive statuary.


I loved the Museum of Natural History in New York as a child in the 1960s, when my parents took me there. There was a cavernous room that had rocks and minerals. Mom loved geology and I was fascinated by the sprouts of yellow sulphur crystals and green and blue copper blooms. I really wanted to […]

Central Park News

My obsession with newsstands began with an oil painting that my Mom and I bought together. It is a wonderful piece that shows a scene, probably from the 1940s, where a man is buying a paper at a newspaper stand. I like that it inspires a nostalgic sense of time – the time of my […]