Goodbye Michael – July 15,2022

Thanks to my brother Dave, we were able to attend Mike’s funeral 3000 miles away. Dave made all the arrangements and gave a meaningful and heartfelt talk about our brother. He and his wife Karen spoke about Mike’s release from earthly concerns and about the effect that Mike’s affliction had on his family. Oh how […]

White Stuff

I’m from California, as many of you know: the southern end of the Bay Area, where Silicon Valley is.  I came east yesterday for the unfortunate purpose of seeing my mother who was gravely ill. She actually passed away shortly after Dave, my younger brother and I arrived at the hospital. However, one week before […]

Busy Day

Today was busy. I followed my brother Dave around to multiple appointments to make arrangements for Mom’s funeral.He did all the work. I’m very proud of my brother. Mom just turned 90 years of age less than two weeks ago. She was bright and alert at her party, but the day I left to return […]