Busy Day

Today was busy. I followed my brother Dave around to multiple appointments to make arrangements for Mom’s funeral.He did all the work. I’m very proud of my brother.

Mom just turned 90 years of age less than two weeks ago. She was bright and alert at her party, but the day I left to return to the opposite coast of the US, where I live, she went into the hospital. She died yesterday.

I haven’t had time to feel much about Mom. Dave and I don’t get to talk that much so I have been reveling in our conversations. We have slightly different recollections from childhood about certain incidents. This parallax view adds another dimension to the flat narrative that had become part of my memory. I am glad that Mom was surrounded by friends she had known for a long while and had an enriched life because of that.

First impression from last night:

When I arrived at Mom’s hospital room last night, I saw a comfortable, warm environment. The half dozen IV pumps were not the center of attention as they tend to be in cold, antiseptic ‘hospital-looking’ hospital rooms. However the one thing I noticed was this red glow from the center of Mom’s forehead. In my usual irreverent manner, I immediately thought of E.T. (The Extraterrestrial). It has been a long time since I have seen this movie, but as I recall: an alien (ET) who wanted nothing more than to get home appeared to be dead but at the last moment, its finger glowed red, whereupon he said, “Phone home.” This was a revelation to the little boy who thought ET was dead.

Well, Mom wasn’t ‘phoning home’. The red glow came from the oxygen sensor, which is normally attached to a patient’s finger. I suppose when they run out of places to put sensors, the forehead is as good a place as any.

Watercolor: February 20, 2015 Mom in Hospital

9″x6″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Right now I suppose I’m numb. I don’t feel anything even though Mom was a big part of my life and I loved her. I suspect this will change.

10 thoughts on “Busy Day

  1. I’m still having internet problems hence my not visiting and liking your posts but I had to struggle my way through the ether to express my sadness at your losing your mother. How fortunate that you were able to visit her so recently. I understand the numbness entirely as it’s exactly how I felt at losing my father and mother (1997 and 2000 respectively). It will pass and the ability to recollect the good memories in tranquillity will come. Take care and I send my sympathies to you and yours.


    • Thank you, Sarah. I appreciate your note and your thoughts about numbness. It helps to be around my brother with whom I get the chance to reminisce. More visit with family tomorrow at the funeral. Thank you so much for your condolences.
      best wishes,


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