Gone Fishing – Again

I really enjoy going fishing with my cousin and my brother-in-law. Today was another such outing. I didn’t have as much luck as I had last time, but it was fun anyway. Although my time thinking about hand gestures was limited, I decided to use the opportunity to photograph hands at work for my gesture […]

When Mike was in Hospital

The staff was very good about letting us know when Mike had to go the the hospital. Now and then he would fall or pass out for some reason and they would call the paramedics to take him to the emergency room. They always had an attendant go with him, since Mike doesn’t speak. For […]

More about Gestures

Artistry of the Mentally Ill As I discussed yesterday, the first few pages of Artistry of the Mentally Ill, by Hans Prinzhorn set up the criteria for viewing pictorial artwork by those who had been institutionalized for mental illness. Dr. Prinzhorn was uniquely qualified to investigate this subject, having been an art historian before becoming […]


Artistry of the Mentally Ill I checked out Artistry of the Mentally Ill,  by Hans Prinzhorn from the library a couple of weeks ago. I just started reading it. It promises to be a storehouse of information relevant to understanding human creativity. Prinzhorn (1) was an art historian as well as a psychiatrist and expanded […]

Toward One or Two Lines

In a previous post, I noted some words of wisdom by Paul Klee. He said, “In my opinion, you have to know what you want to draw, and then you have to be able to depict it – with only one or two lines.” (from The Bauhaus Group by Nicholas F. Weber). I have been […]


Play I had a nice comment the other day about an approach to painting. Susie wrote that instead of “practice, practice, practice”, as I thought I should do, it would be better to “play, play, play”.  That is excellent advice. It seems to be in keeping with the efforts of some great artists who strove […]

Kandinsky and Autism

I’m reading The Bauhaus Group, by Nicholas Weber. I just finished the section about Paul Klee and started the one about Wassily Kandinsky.  Klee and Kandinsky were friends and were professors at the Bauhaus at the same time. Kandinsky’s urge to express his feelings Several of the passages about Kandinsky, at the start of the section […]

There’s the Rub

The chapter about Paul Klee was extensive in The Bauhaus Group by  Nicholas Weber, more than 100 pages, in fact.  My attention was drawn to a quote from the master himself: “In my opinion, you have to know what you want to draw, and then you have to be able to depict it – with only one […]

Shifting Gears

Practice The list of materials for my watercolor class, that I just started, includes a 3″ brush, a 2″ brush and a 1.5″ brush.  I have none of these. The widest brush I have is .75″.  The paintings that I have made, for the most part have been small scale. I must admit, it would […]


I started a watercolor class today. I’m looking forward to learning more about what I can do with that medium. I also thought, since I am reacquainting myself with the basics of painting, I should also think about how to portray basic emotions. Connecting with basic vision As I have mentioned in previous posts, I […]