Blue and Orange

I tried two different types of shading in the study below. The blues vary from very dark to light blue by adding titanium white. I used very little water in creating the transition. On the other hand, I laid down a watery yellow and added red at the blue border to generate an orange color […]

Sidewalk Leaf

Today’s watercolor experiment: I decided to continue following the advice of Leonardo DaVinci who said, “Those who are in love with practice without knowledge are like the sailor who gets into a ship without rudder or compass and who never can be certain [where] he is going. …”  Yesterday the goal of my practice was to ‘glisten’. The subject […]

Back to Doodling

Instead of drawing my back yard for the fourth time (Back Yard, Back Yard Take 2, Trying to Understand Cézanne), I just put brush to paper and started with a random stroke. Today’s experiment: I started with a blue streak. I recently purchased paints made with honey! (Yeah bees!) This particular color is cerulean blue deep. […]

Stand Down, Poppystan!

Alas, my failed attempt at depicting a simple field of poppies has raised some ire, not the least of which is mine. My design was seemingly simple: a green field below, sky above and a look downward on a field of poppies. I unwittingly, and independently reproduced the flag of Poppystan. I hereby apologize to […]

Shifting Gears

Practice The list of materials for my watercolor class, that I just started, includes a 3″ brush, a 2″ brush and a 1.5″ brush.  I have none of these. The widest brush I have is .75″.  The paintings that I have made, for the most part have been small scale. I must admit, it would […]