Toward One or Two Lines

In a previous post, I noted some words of wisdom by Paul Klee. He said, “In my opinion, you have to know what you want to draw, and then you have to be able to depict it – with only one or two lines.” (from The Bauhaus Group by Nicholas F. Weber). I have been […]


Play I had a nice comment the other day about an approach to painting. Susie wrote that instead of “practice, practice, practice”, as I thought I should do, it would be better to “play, play, play”.  That is excellent advice. It seems to be in keeping with the efforts of some great artists who strove […]

Kandinsky and Autism

I’m reading The Bauhaus Group, by Nicholas Weber. I just finished the section about Paul Klee and started the one about Wassily Kandinsky.  Klee and Kandinsky were friends and were professors at the Bauhaus at the same time. Kandinsky’s urge to express his feelings Several of the passages about Kandinsky, at the start of the section […]

From Photograph to Abstract Expression

I used the photograph below in a previous post. It pictures my older brother getting ready to slam his arm against his chest. Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. The doctors were not sure if this type of self harming activity was voluntary or not. If it was involuntary, like a sneeze, I suspect the […]

‘Stop’ Icon Development

Incremental Progress For about two months now, I have been concentrating on ways to express my feelings with visual media. My blog did not start out that way. In fact, my original mission was to discuss autism from the point of view of a sibling, along with side conversations about neuroscience, philosophy, ethics and mental […]