Can’t Forget the Past

I came across some unfinished drawings made by my granddaughter, in scouring my stash for paper.

I began my folding process and used some watercolor crayons to mark the creases. I didn’t have much of an idea about how to treat the original sketch, so I filled in the boxes, made by the intersecting lines, with low-key tones, with the exception of one of the cat’s eyes. I painted that red, to attract the viewer’s eye. I painted over the orange cat’s paw with the same red. I highlighted some of the pencil lines with charcoal.

The drawing peeked out from the bars separating us from the past, but the it still appeared to be new and fresh.

Watercolor: Abstract - Can't Escape the Past

Can’t Escape the Past
14″x11″ Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

Below are a couple of unadulterated sketches from that time:

Pencil Drawing: Cat and Dog 022017

The Past
14″x11″ Cardboard

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