Sitting Man with Inset

I continue to use my waiting time to sketch. Sometimes people move too fast for me. I began to draw a woman sitting, but she was called away and left me in mid sketch. I don’t usually use an eraser, so I used the same space to draw a larger version of the face of […]

Sister and Brother

Today’s experiment is another palimpsest, although the underlying art was just a light pencil drawing.  I was trying to draw my granddaughter and grandson. In previous studies, I creased the whole length and width of the paper. Today I didn’t crease the paper all the way across. I preserved the posture of brother and sister and used […]

Can’t Forget the Past

I came across some unfinished drawings made by my granddaughter, in scouring my stash for paper. I began my folding process and used some watercolor crayons to mark the creases. I didn’t have much of an idea about how to treat the original sketch, so I filled in the boxes, made by the intersecting lines, […]

Abstract Palimpsest

In looking around for some paper today, I came across a study I did of my wife, Joy sitting on the couch. It wasn’t very good, so it became fodder for my crumple-fold-and-wet series. I washed off most of the image in the sink after insulting the paper with creases and crumples. After squeege-ing the […]