Party Decorations

When we arrived back to home base, the house was decorated for Siddy’s birthday already. Sidra loves rainbows, so her aunt and family fried strung up multicolored streamers all over the ceiling. It looked like a stalactited cave. How does one depict the ceiling of a cave from the far end to overhead? The sketch […]

If You Can’t Sing Good…

The saying goes, “If you can’t sing good, sing loud.” I know, the grammar is not perfect, but this is what I was thinking as I finished up today’s experiment. Today’s watercolor experiment: Soon after I finished yesterday’s watercolor I remembered something: glazing!  I had forgotten that glazing (layering a transparent color over another color that […]

Watch the Birdie

Today’s watercolor experiment: Yesterday, I used orange and its compliment blue, to render a school of goldfish (if a threesome can be considered a school). Today, I thought I could use that scheme, color and its complement, with another pair of colors. I chose yellow and purple. I had to find another subject as amenable […]

Cancelled Flight

Today’s watercolor experiment: In keeping with my quest to change the way I begin my watercolor sketches, today I started with dry paper and a 2″ brush loaded with Prussian blue. I swept across the paper twice horizontally at the top and bottom (to form 4″ swaths) and once vertically on each side to form a 2″-wide […]

Trying to Understand Cézanne

I’ve been having the hardest time trying to understand Cézanne’s composition.  I bought Cézanne’s Composition by Erle Loran, which seems to cover exactly what I want to know. There are a couple of problems right off the bat: the book itself is an odd shape – 12″x9″, which isn’t a bad format for a painting, by a bit […]