Taking a Chance

Today’s watercolor experiment: Directly after my warmup exercise (see Copying post) I decided to go out on a limb and try a large painting of the essence of the J.M.W. Turner composition (A Sunset Sky). I was less than successful in the small drawing that constituted the last stage of my warmup. I was very […]


I am so glad that the authors of the Tate Watercolor Manual * saw fit to include a section about copying other artists’ works. They call it (more diplomatically), ‘Studies from an original.’ First, they explain the difference between an ‘historically accurate reconstruction’ and copying to develop skill.  In their discussion, they presuppose that the […]

Early Watercolors

I was looking through some of the photographs that I took when I lived in New York City. I loved the light at certain times of day and was always on the lookout for interesting shadows and shapes. I love the organization of the shapes and the light on these particular pipes I passed in […]