I took the shot below at night somewhere in Manhattan. I was always looking for interesting subject matter. I came across a piano on the sidewalk. It was partially wrapped in a tarp, a chair was tied to it with rope; the owner (or player) left a sign that said ‘Back in a minute’.  I wish […]

Bus Advertisement

I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this photo.  In digitizing my film from the 80s and 90s, I came across this photo I took when I went to London in 1988.  It speaks for itself. My thoughts exactly.

Happiness circa 1911

I like to tell the odd joke now and then. Many of my friends will confirm that they are indeed ‘odd’. I don’t they the are. Very.   As I was perusing my bookshelf earlier today I found a 10-volume set called The Wit and Humor of America that I bought at a flea market, years ago. It […]

Gallows Humor

I wonder if it is a common trait of siblings of the severely handicapped to have a dark sense of humor. Webster defines gallows humor as ”humor that makes fun of a life-threatening, disastrous or terrifying situation.”[1] Disastrous or terrifying might describe experiences of some of us siblings; perhaps some have experienced life-threatening situations as […]

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