Hand Fantasy

Most of this past week, I have been fascinated with hands. My younger brother is an accomplished pianist, and I’ve been watching him intently as he played, during his visit. We talked quite a bit about music and the connection between hands and the brain with music as the intermediary. As a direct result of […]

Hands Sketch

Here’s a quick watercolor/charcoal/pencil sketch of my brother Dave’s hands. It is a wonderful experience watching his hands in action at the piano. I would love to do a series of detailed drawings and paintings of his hands frozen at different times during a performance.


I took the shot below at night somewhere in Manhattan. I was always looking for interesting subject matter. I came across a piano on the sidewalk. It was partially wrapped in a tarp, a chair was tied to it with rope; the owner (or player) left a sign that said ‘Back in a minute’.  I wish […]