Memories of Michael: Ring-Around-the-Rosie (late 1950s)

Before Mike went away, Mom and Dad took us, Mike, Dave and me, on camping trips. I have mostly good memories of them. I think it was Dad who took the 8mm home movies of us kids playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie. When we got to the ‘all fall down’ part, Mike didn’t understand, so I good-naturedly jumped […]

At Last!

During my break in the cafe, I saw someone…. who wasn’t studying!  I got a glimpse of the crossword puzzle on his phone. At last, someone enjoying himself. (I suppose studying can be enjoyable on occasion.) (Note: There were no emanations from the gentleman’s phone. I just exercised my artistic license for emphasis.)

Mike Portrait

My brother Michael is unrecognizable in this portrait. I had not intended it this way, but it is oddly appropriate. Since Mike has never spoken and functions on a very low level, I don’t know much about him as a person. He is alien to me. As I have discussed in previous posts, seemingly ad […]


I know what ‘fun’ means to me, but just to make sure, I asked The Oracle (Google) to <define: fun> and found that fun is: enjoyment, amusement, light-hearted pleasure. I was right! So far so good. Dare I proceed? What the heck, let’s see what The Oracle has to say about ‘play’. According to Google, the noun […]

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