Man in Sandals Just Before Orientation

Drawing is observing. Not only observation of lines and form, but of other goings on in the environment. Several people came into the waiting room shortly before one o’clock. I was only able to trace the upper contours before someone called out for the start of orientation.

Pot Watching

We have a pot that bears watching. As soon as the water heats up a bit, it starts vibrating, albeit at a low frequency. The pot rocks back and forth and it rotates like a clock.  To stop this progression, I insert a spice jar of appropriate height under the handle. I could not resist […]

Warmup – Clouds

Today’s warmup exercise: Clouds. At last! Something I have always wanted to master. I’m counting on the book from which I am learning, the Tate Watercolor Manual,* to show me how. Since the full title of my go-to book of today invokes the great masters, for this lesson they chose one whose sky-work is unsurpassed: […]

Graffiti Star Under Bridge

Today’s watercolor experiment: As promised, I found a photo with another graffiti star. There was some great graffiti on the wall under the FDR overpass near my home. I couldn’t fit the whole wall in today’s sketch, but the diffuse lighting couldn’t have been better if it had been lit by professionals. However, the section of […]

Clean Desk

I’m feeling better than I was the other day when Joy and I got home from hospital. I am, but Joy is still not feeling so great. Today’s watercolor experiment: Since I was feeling better I thought I should arrange the desk to reflect my attitude. Besides, I wanted to start painting. With the desk […]

Party Life

The early days Ever since I was a kid I didn’t really ‘get’ parties. I was very shy and did not really know what to do. I’m sure this is not uncommon and probably is very common among siblings of low-functioning autistic and other severely handicapped individuals. My parents were pretty busy with my older […]

Aging Dragonfruit

I haven’t picked up any new fruit at the fruit stand recently, but that’s ok. My powers of observation are trained on the fruit I currently have, in all its (former) glory. Have you ever wondered about the stages a grape goes through to become a raisin? What does it look like in its intermediate […]