Memories of Michael: Ring-Around-the-Rosy (1960s)

I took these stills from an 8mm movie my Dad must have made of this three boys playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie. We were on a camping trip and us kids were having a great time playing. I was helping Mike when it came to the “all fall down” part.

Memories of Michael: Ring-Around-the-Rosie (late 1950s)

Before Mike went away, Mom and Dad took us, Mike, Dave and me, on camping trips. I have mostly good memories of them. I think it was Dad who took the 8mm home movies of us kids playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie. When we got to the ‘all fall down’ part, Mike didn’t understand, so I good-naturedly jumped […]

Overlaid Inscribed Figure

Today’s watercolor experiment: I sidetracked myself from reading Kandinsky. I am a slow but thorough reader and Kandinsky requires slow going. I was itching to actually paint something, so I revisited my effort to depict reading of a contact sheet. After attaching watercolor paper to my drawing board, I drew a 6×6 grid of rectangles […]

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