I accidentally drew a form that reminded me of the ‘Little Piggy’ game I played with my grandson last week. I thought that a nice fun background would be appropriate. So I present to you a semi-abstract version of “This little piggy went to market….  etc.”

It Was a Long Day

I missed my midnight deadline for this daily post. We didn’t even get home until after midnight. Today (I mean yesterday, the 16th) was the day before William’s 2nd birthday. William is my grandson. We went to Disneyland to celebrate. Fun has been on my mind, anticipating our SoCal visit. In my blog post the […]

Catching Up

Joy, my wife, and I are visiting our kids and grandkids. William will be turning two years of age this week; Sidra is ten. I started interviewing her just before her baby brother was born. She was so excited then. For the past couple of years we’ve chatted about sibling hood and other events in […]

Painting Lesson

I brought all my watercolors with me on our trip to see the kids and the grandchildren. I was hoping to get a chance to paint with Sidra. She’s always doing something. If it isn’t chores, it’s making stop-motion videos of her dolls or some other activity. We did have a chance to paint together […]


I know what ‘fun’ means to me, but just to make sure, I asked The Oracle (Google) to <define: fun> and found that fun is: enjoyment, amusement, light-hearted pleasure. I was right! So far so good. Dare I proceed? What the heck, let’s see what The Oracle has to say about ‘play’. According to Google, the noun […]

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