I Love My Brother (from ‘My Brother Michael’)

I thank all of you who have been reading my book for the past couple of months. This is the last of it. I hope you have taken something away from this presentation. best to all, Brother Jack

Baby Michael, Alone from ‘My Brother Michael’

The scrapbook itself ends abruptly. Nothing after 1950.  I imagine that my mother and my father were just too busy taking care of Mike.  I ended this section with a snapshot from that era, of my big brother Mike by himself.  This is the essence of autism: alone-ness. It is so hard to understand. [Note: […]

Mike Portrait

My brother Michael is unrecognizable in this portrait. I had not intended it this way, but it is oddly appropriate. Since Mike has never spoken and functions on a very low level, I don’t know much about him as a person. He is alien to me. As I have discussed in previous posts, seemingly ad […]

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