Three Apples

Yesterday I skipped the apple lesson in my new watercolor instruction book (You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons by Yuko Nagayama) because the ones around the house were not in the best shape. I bought about a half-dozen apples today. Today’s watercolor experiment: I selected three different kinds of apples for my study. One of […]

Clean Desk

I’m feeling better than I was the other day when Joy and I got home from hospital. I am, but Joy is still not feeling so great. Today’s watercolor experiment: Since I was feeling better I thought I should arrange the desk to reflect my attitude. Besides, I wanted to start painting. With the desk […]

Same Fruit Different Day

I ended yesterdays post with a critique of my Apples and Oranges still life. I didn’t think there was sufficient change from brightest bright to darkest dark, that is, not enough change in tonal values. I didn’t want to attempt to fix that for fear that I would muck it up and have nothing worth […]