Today’s (almost aborted) watercolor experiment: Having worked for the past several days on painting studies of real leaves and trees, I thought I would delve into the abstract. My plan was to use my latex resist, pour out a leaf-like design, let it dry, experiment with colors on the uncovered paper, remove the resist and proceed based […]

They’re He-e-e-r-e

The Chicago family arrived last night, safe and sound; still awaiting the LA contingent, who should be here in a matter of hours. Remember I talked about blemishes the other day? Amazingly, I had no thoughts of that today. Sidra and William are just as perfect as I remembered them to be and as I […]

Leaf Studies ala Paul Klee

I must have read the first 23 pages of ‘Constructive approaches to composition’ in Paul Klee’s Notebooks Volume 2, The Nature of Nature, at least 20 times. The very last line of the section, on page 23 simply states, “Exercise: Imaginary leaves on the basis of the foregoing basic rules.” [All quotes are from: Klee, P., Heinz-Norden, […]