Abstract Jellies

I’ve been reading about the history of abstract art. There seem to be as many theories and approaches to art as there are artists. How could that be otherwise? For the most part artists try to portray truths about reality. It is no coincidence that many different forms of art arose after Einstein’s theory of […]

Reality Take 1

I started reviewing the basics about art. Aside from the different styles, all art is an exercise in displaying reality. Many books have been written about how reality is perceived. This is such an interesting topic. I can’t possibly do it justice in such a short post. My study below is my idea of the […]

Radical Self-Understanding

I came across this term while I was writing my post about Socrates’s ‘An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living’ quotation. I identified with the term radical self-understanding since it seems that it is an activity in which I am engaged. My activity could also be described with other terms: radical narcissism, obsessive self-reflection, pissing […]

More Thoughts on Letting Go

An answer In my blog the other day, I wondered whether siblings of handicapped brothers or sisters would necessarily end up being acquisitive, keeping memorabilia and other clutter. I got a wonderful comment from Kristin, who also has a handicapped sib and no problem at all with de-cluttering, or ‘cleansing’ as she so aptly put […]

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