Deja Vu?

I thought my self portrait with Mike* icon from yesterday (Self Portrait with Icon #2) was a novel idea. However, quite a while ago I represented Mike in exactly the same way in a different medium: photography. The context was different. I was experimenting with assuming Mike’s likeness after reading about Jo Spence‘s and Rosy Martin‘s approach to […]

Self Portrait – Photo Therapy

My brother Michael is autistic, low functioning and has never spoken. I have precious few clues about whether he knows we are brothers or even if he recognizes me as an individual. Mike is ‘the other’, unknown and unknowable. Since we share the same DNA as our parents, the thought occurred to me that I might […]


Why would I take a photo like this? At the end of March of this year, I posted a very strange photograph of myself that I took during the course of a photography workshop in which I was enrolled (Portrait with Huge Misunderstanding). I had just embarked on a long-term project to portray my relationship […]

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