Little Thought Experiment

No, I don’t mean A Little Thought Experiment, as in “eine kleine gedanken experiment”.  I mean, I gave this watercolor experiment very little thought.

I started looking up references concerning Paul Klee’s iconography, with plans to research similar traits of Joan Miró, but threw up my hands. Too much research, too little time to write a blog. To do this topic justice, I need to study it much more.

So, I just started pen and inking on my 4X6 watercolor block. I can re-trace some of my thoughts as I thought of which lines to sketch next: I thought about eyes; the planes of space – Cézanne, the Cubists, the curves of space; memory, which is probably where the capital ‘M’ came from (I don’t know about the ‘O’); the interlocking ‘C’s that look like broken rigatoni are also a reference to memory (as my iconic symbol for the hippocampus, an area of the brain involved with memory) as is the figure to the right of the M and the O.

This is what I have been striving to do. I probably gave this experiment too much thought.

I am interested in how other artists who use iconographic images and would welcome any input.

Today’s experiment:

Abstract watercolor using author's icons; red and green fields predominate, with smaller orange field at the bottom

Little Thought Experiment
4″x6″ 140# Watercolor Paper

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