Underwater Leaves

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with pencil swooshes today. They seem to be working well for me lately. After looking at the lines, I had the notion that this composition would be about falling leaves. I began painting the lines with frisket to mask those spaces from the watercolors with which I would be flooding the paper. […]

Abstract with India Ink

Today’s watercolor experiment: The idea today was to use the permanence and indelibility of india ink as a background for watercolor washes and latex masking.  I thought that the ultramarine blue ink that I used yesterday was waterproof until I added clear water in preparation for a glaze. However, the blue ink dissolved in water. I […]

Yellow Flower – Final

As promised yesterday, I implemented my idea in today’s watercolor experiment of yet another attempt at painting the elusive yellow succulent flower. But first, as I promised to myself, a daily shading study: Today’s watercolor experiment: I made a couple of attempts to paint a representation of the yellow flowers on one of my succulents, neither […]

If You Can’t Sing Good…

The saying goes, “If you can’t sing good, sing loud.” I know, the grammar is not perfect, but this is what I was thinking as I finished up today’s experiment. Today’s watercolor experiment: Soon after I finished yesterday’s watercolor I remembered something: glazing!  I had forgotten that glazing (layering a transparent color over another color that […]

Ladybird Out of Bounds

Yesterday I drew a topographic map of the tonal values shown in my photograph of a ladybug (aka ladybird). I wanted to accurately portray the patterns reflected on its back. This paint-by-the-numbers technique didn’t work for me. Today’s watercolor experiment: Process: Today I did not paint by the numbers. Pencil never touched my paper. I started with […]

From a Magazine

I normally post a sketch or watercolor every day. Yesterday’s post, however was a photograph from my archives. I miss photography, especially those days when I had a darkroom. Sometimes I would hole up for an entire weekend of developing film and making prints.  I remember taking a course in New York City at the […]

Granulation with Glaze

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today’s study is a continuation of yesterday’s look at granulated watercolor pigments. Wet on dry: As opposed to yesterday, I applied the watercolors to dry paper. I used Van Dyke brown which merged seamlessly with the Moonglow, a specialized pigment from Daniel Smith. The latter color separates into red and purple as […]

Ode to Joyland

I just finished Joyland by Stephen King. I am usually a slow reader, easily distracted by ambient sounds, an itch in my left ear, stray thoughts and shiny objects (for example, “Oh look, a chicken!”). However, reading this book was like a hot knife through butter (or budda, as I like to say).   To praise Stephen […]

Gnarly Tree Assignment

My daughter Bethany has an idea for a book. She asked if I would like to illustrate it for her. I was delighted to accept the assignment.  The first photos arrived shortly after I agreed. There is a wonderfully sinewy, slightly shaggy-barked tree in front of her house. She sent me several snaps of it […]

Koi Polloi

I’ve been painting a lot of backgrounds lately. The first one was entitled, Just Background, and gave me an opportunity to practice my glazing techniques. This composition was inspired by another sketch I did, which juxtaposed green trees and blue sky (Wireless?). I decided to to continue practicing washing and glazing. Today’s watercolor experiment: I began my […]