Cactus Protection Scheme

I don’t know if it is too late to save my succulent (see Damn Squirrels). But I have an idea for how to protect the next one, should I choose to leave it outside with the devil squirrels that think it is a dispenser of snacks. Below is my no-so-engineering-like visual description of my scheme. […]

Fantasy on Impossible Petals and Pointy Leaves

The previous few watercolors (Yellow Succulent Flowers, Again, Into the Breech, Yellow Flower – Final) of the dreaded yellow-flowered succulent had an element that was very difficult for me to draw, and ultimately paint. That element was one particular petal that arose from the center of the flower, curled up and furled into another ‘S’ […]

Yellow Flower – Final

As promised yesterday, I implemented my idea in today’s watercolor experiment of yet another attempt at painting the elusive yellow succulent flower. But first, as I promised to myself, a daily shading study: Today’s watercolor experiment: I made a couple of attempts to paint a representation of the yellow flowers on one of my succulents, neither […]

Again, Into The Breech

Before describing today’s effort, I want to show you my shading study: I picked the unripened fig from the tree and placed it on the patio table. I correctly rendered the shape of the fruit and the shadow, but I don’t think I got the texture right. I showed this study to my wife, Joy. She […]

If You Can’t Sing Good…

The saying goes, “If you can’t sing good, sing loud.” I know, the grammar is not perfect, but this is what I was thinking as I finished up today’s experiment. Today’s watercolor experiment: Soon after I finished yesterday’s watercolor I remembered something: glazing!  I had forgotten that glazing (layering a transparent color over another color that […]

Unknown Succulent

This succulent actually does have a name, but I lost the label. It was curling off the pot (as you can see below), so I took it off and put it in the proverbial ‘safe place’. So now it is the unknown succulent, since I can’t find the label. Today’s watercolor experiment: I have been […]

Abstractish Succulent

Today’s watercolor experiment: Yesterday I experimented by painting a close up of a portion of one of the succulent plants I have (Hockey Brush). I used mixed media paper (a smooth, Bristol-like finish) and a 1″ hake brush. I originally said the brush was 1/2″, that was incorrect. I liked the composition, but the colors all lay […]

One Thing At a Time

I was looking through my (modern) copy of John Ruskin’s The Elements of Drawing, which was first published in 1857. His advice to those learning to draw was to observe nature. For instance, he noted that most people think that grass in the shade is the same color as grass in the sun. However, if […]

Succulent Update

I have been watering my new succulents every other day. When I painted a watercolor of my Kalanchoe succulent about a week ago, it only had one flower. The buds are now flowers. I did a pencil sketch of this plant first followed by overlaying the pencil marks with pen and ink. The flower petals on this […]

Graptosedum Succulent

Note to readers: Yesterday I got a comment from a new reader who questioned the relevance of my posts about painting on my blog where she was expecting to read about autism. She has a good point, which will prompt me to expand my blog header to include how autism in my life (my older brother Mike is […]