Beginning, Middle, End

I have been entertaining the idea that writing and painting involve similar processes. This is how I see my process, of late. I understand that not everyone sees these two art forms this way. There are probably painters who do not have any preconceived ideas of what their paintings mean, or any idea of what they mean once […]

Gnarly Tree Assignment

My daughter Bethany has an idea for a book. She asked if I would like to illustrate it for her. I was delighted to accept the assignment.  The first photos arrived shortly after I agreed. There is a wonderfully sinewy, slightly shaggy-barked tree in front of her house. She sent me several snaps of it […]


Today’s experiment: The combination of two factors is responsible for today’s experiment. First, there was a sale at a local art supply store. Daniel Smith, the watercolor manufacturer, has a line of luminescent watercolor pigments, which I decided to try. The second factor that inspired today’s sketch is my recent purchase of a couple of […]


Recap: I have been concentrating recently, on trying to express my feelings through my watercolor studies. The closest I’ve come to attaining this goal was in a recent post (Adjusting). I had just experienced a major disappointment and was trying to feel better by painting a cheery picture. I was giving the paint-how-you-want-to-feel theory a try. […]


The management at Mike’s group home assessed him in terms of his capability to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Mike is my older brother who is autistic, very low functioning and has never spoken. Here is Mike’s basic status: Michael requires some assistance when using the toilet. He requires assistance in flushing the toilet […]

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