Washes and Blots

Another watercolor experiment: In Lesson 11 I explored how John Sell Cotman built his pictures by adding washes. I showed this in stages.  I never quite got the chance to proceed past the warm-up stage. All my experimentation was done on small panels. I learned how to make different marks in the lessons that highlighted the […]

Lesson 11 – Adding Washes

I am working through the Tate Watercolour Manual, Lessons from the Great Masters by Tony Smibert and Joyce Townsend in an effort to refine my craft. I fully intend to paint like the masters when I finish the book. I’m not quite sure how long after I finish the book but I know it will come to pass […]

Abstract with India Ink

Today’s watercolor experiment: The idea today was to use the permanence and indelibility of india ink as a background for watercolor washes and latex masking.  I thought that the ultramarine blue ink that I used yesterday was waterproof until I added clear water in preparation for a glaze. However, the blue ink dissolved in water. I […]

Abstract 101819

Yesterday I displayed the underpainting for today’s final abstract. For convenience, I reproduce it here: Today’s watercolor experiment: I took yesterday’s underpainting, (composed of lemon yellow at the center with a dab of gamboge, surrounded by the pinkish opera rose in turn enveloped by cobalt blue) and soaked it with clear water. I washed lemon yellow […]