Best Laid Plans

I carefully prepared before setting watercolor to paper today. I used my compass to draw circles and my French curve to draw a sweeping curve across the paper as well as two parallel curved lines.  I even used a straight edge to draw a couple of diverging lines.

In the next step, I used latex frisket to drip a couple of drips to block the paint from future tiny circles. For the larger circles, I used a chop stick to spread the waterproof latex inside, up to the border. I filled in the areas between the divergent straight lines and the parallel curved lines.  I was about to waterproof the final parabolic area (seen in the final piece as the green area at the top) when a bolus of the latex goop dropped on the paper. I spread it around and later colored the space it left black, reminiscent of a storm cloud.

Watercolor: Planned Abstract with Mistake

Abstract 032916
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

As carefully as I began this study, the final result was wholly unanticipated.

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