Double Exposure

I painted today’s watercolor in two stages. First I applied my masking frisket. This fluid is thin and I was able to drip it on the paper through a narrow tube. After some drips, curves and squiggles, I let it dry.

I painted yellow first, then red and Prussian blue inside some of the circular traces.

After the paint dried, I applied more frisket. I blasted some of it with compressed air (bottom left). I added darker colors around the periphery of the original design, overpainted where the second frisket encroached on the underpainting, and removed some of the pigment around the frisket laid on the darker fields.

Watercolor: Abstract 061117

Abstract Double Exposure
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I like the balance of light and dark in this piece and the impressions of the secondary painting on the original design.

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