Memories of Michael: Life at Home (~1958)

I posted this photo years ago (see More Home Movies…), but brings back memories of home life while my brother Mike was around. This is a screen shot of a home movie that my father somehow double exposed. It wasn’t that hard to do in those days. The 8mm movie camera took 16mm film. You […]

Double Exposure

I painted today’s watercolor in two stages. First I applied my masking frisket. This fluid is thin and I was able to drip it on the paper through a narrow tube. After some drips, curves and squiggles, I let it dry. I painted yellow first, then red and Prussian blue inside some of the circular […]

Executive Gifts

In 1990 I experimented with double exposures, using my 35mm film camera. After taking an entire roll of pictures, I cranked the film back into its canister, leaving enough of the film protruding so I could re-load it. I had some idea of the sequence of pictures I took during the first pass of the film. […]