Another Dream Image


Today I was lucky enough to have a dream that ended with a pretty good visual image. The rest of the dream wasn’t visual at all. I was at some kind of conference where, as was my usual way at conferences, I stayed pretty much to myself. I did stop to talk with a couple of local people who had fishing gear. I am interested in fishing. I may have known a couple of people at the meeting and I think they thought I was being rude. I left the conference and this many was talking to me as he was installing a search light with a yellow case across the road from me. He was going to shine it on a terraced mountainside.  I walked away from him as he was still talking, waving goodbye after I turned my back and walked away.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

None of the images at the conference lent themselves to a watercolor portrayal. The last image of the yellow searchlight trained on the mountain stuck with me:

Watercolor: Abstract from Dream Image

Yellow Light – Dream Image
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


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