I was sitting on the back porch, reading. I was wearing my red hoodie to as shade to the sun. There was a buzzing behind my head. I’ve lived in California long enough to become used to hummingbirds, so I knew one was checking me out. It was ever so brief. I felt like a […]

Turbulent Hot and Cold

I tried another watercolor sketch inspired by Untamed Waters, the 1934 work by Paul Klee. The previous sketch from the Residual Ideas post is reproduced below. Unfortunately, I tried to find a link to Klee’s work, but I could not. Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with a sketch of a remnant of a dream I had last night. The […]


I haven’t finished the watercolor from yesterday’s sketch yet.  There is so much turbulence: 1) my wife and I are in one room of a cousin’s house. She was frequently here as a child, so she has fond memories. It is sad though, since her aunt who’s house it was died just a month ago. […]

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