Mike Sketch Project: Mike Biting Himself June 1990

My brother Mike* would frequently hit himself on the head and chest and sometimes be would bite his hand very hard.  It could be that he was frustrated but one time, a doctor suggested that Mike had a form of Tourette’s Syndrome. She thought that Mike’s behavior was merely a complex motor tick, the implication […]

Quarantine Portrait Series: Home Accident Recovery

I wanted to get this one right, so I sketched first with pencil. I inked over the lines that made sense and used charcoal to mark the shadows. Finally, I used watercolors to lightly tint the portrait. Get better soon, Mick!

The Pianist

My father loved music, as I mentioned yesterday. He instilled this in my younger brother Dave, and me. Dave plays piano for a living. These days, he is getting back to his roots, playing for himself. Practicing, practicing, practicing. The study below originated as a pen and ink study. I have a pen nib that […]

Nespoli Tone Study

It is nespoli time again in our back yard. Last year I devoted several sessions to them (Nespoli, Preliminary Sketch Abstract Nespoli, Abstract Nespoli). Today I began with charcoal to differentiate the dark areas from the light. The background in the reference photograph was dark, dappled with light spots. I wanted to register the progression of brightness in the […]

Abstract Watercolor with Charcoal

Another experiment mixing white and black with my pigments. The yellow I used was almost earth tone in hue. The first red color laid down was opera rose, which I glazed with Sennelier red, a very saturated, transparent color. Some of the bright rose color shows through a bit. I darkened the leading edges of the […]

Grid Position No. 1

I started on the upper left side of the grid from my other post today (see The Grid), and numbered each in a counter-clockwise direction, spiraling into the center. Below is the first painting in this series of eleven. Before dis-assembling the grid, I rubbed the entire assembly with charcoal to accentuate the high points […]

Making Scratches Visible

In the yellow abstract I did today (see Forward Progress), the first yellow wash was not absorbed by the lines I scratched into the surface of the paper. In my study below, I blotched watercolor onto paper that was already scored, and found the same result: the scratches did not soak up the pigments. To […]

Charcoal Lines and Color

I posted another square watercolor today (see Pen and Ink and Color).  I began the square below also with a free-form outline. Instead of pencil, I used a soft charcoal stick. I had the term ‘biomorphic’ somewhere in my head (probably from reading about some of Willem de Kooning’s works). I did not choose my […]

Abstract 012517

Before I crumpled today’s experiment I drew a free form with charcoal and painted within the confines of the lines. There were features of my brother Mike (autistic, low functioning and nonverbal), but not as pronounced as in my previous posts (see Imaginary Brother – New Ideas, So Simple, and Yet…, Imaginary Hug, with Feeling, Tri-Clopean Portrait, and Self-Portrait with […]