It’s Alive (?)

I follow up today on the arrangement of my iconography from yesterday (‘Mike icons’). See yesterday’s post (Study – Icon Maze) for details of about my development of a visual short hand to show aspects of my relationship with my older brother Mike. (For those of you just joining me, my brother Mike is autistic, low functioning and […]

Under the Influence

Sometimes, when I can’t think of anything to paint, I thumb through pictures in the books I have.  Today my book was of the art of Willem de Kooning. His paintings have a lot of energy. One in particular, Woman I, is famous for its fierce and frightening look. According to the Museum of Modern Art website, […]

Charcoal Lines and Color

I posted another square watercolor today (see Pen and Ink and Color).  I began the square below also with a free-form outline. Instead of pencil, I used a soft charcoal stick. I had the term ‘biomorphic’ somewhere in my head (probably from reading about some of Willem de Kooning’s works). I did not choose my […]

Pen and Ink and Color

I started today’s square with a penciled free-form design. I hadn’t used pen and ink for a while, so instead of painting in the loops I inked them in using parallel lines of different orientations. I am reading about Willem de Kooning, who was constantly revising, scraping and repainting, as he worked on his canvases. I […]

Looking at the Son

Today’s watercolor is a bit different from those of the past few days, during which I concentrated on created an imaginary portrait of my brother Mike (Mike is my older brother, who is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal.) (See Imaginary Brother – New Ideas, So Simple, and Yet…, Imaginary Hug, with Feeling, Tri-Clopean Portrait, and Self-Portrait with Imaginary Brother). […]

Self Portrait with Imaginary Brother

Today, I added my self portrait to the imaginary brother I have been experimenting with for the past few days, based on inspiration from Willem de Kooning (Imaginary Brother – New Ideas, So Simple, and Yet…, Imaginary Hug, with Feeling. Tri-Cyclopean Portrait). I think I was spoiled by using oil paints on my last portrait. […]

Tri-Clopean Portrait

It has been difficult to progress beyond photo editing to create a hand-made Self Portrait with Imaginary Brother. I was so excited a few days ago to find a sketch of this name executed by Willem de Kooning, one of the great artists of the 20th century. I’ve been reading his biography and remarks by […]

Imaginary Brother – New Ideas

I began my blog 4 years ago with the idea of sharing my experiences as the sibling of an older autistic, low functioning, nonverbal individual (my brother Mike).  Most of 2013 was a recap of my struggle to get to know Mike. I relied on old family photographs; my journal entries; thoughts about the dynamics […]

Oil and Water

I’ve always wanted to paint with oil colors. Hopefully, this year I will be able to paint a canvas or two. I have added oil paints in my last few compositions (Pink – de Kooning-inspired, Pink No. 2, Departure), mainly for the opaque quality of the white. It served its purpose in those paintings. Below, I painted blocks of […]


Today’s watercolor experiment actually began a couple of days ago. I prepared my 12″x9″ paper with the usual transparent red iron oxide, using a rough fiber brush. The de Kooning influence prompted a mustard yellow glaze to cover the rust. Then I went a little crazy with orange and blue random traces. I let the […]