The Pianist

My father loved music, as I mentioned yesterday. He instilled this in my younger brother Dave, and me. Dave plays piano for a living. These days, he is getting back to his roots, playing for himself. Practicing, practicing, practicing.

The study below originated as a pen and ink study. I have a pen nib that is very wide and I love the marks it makes. I made some dotted lines below a wavy form. The form reminded me of a hand. From there I made the leap and added verticals to my dotted line, with the spacing of the black keys on a piano.

Watercolor, Ink and Charcoal: Abstract - The Pianist

The Pianist
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Maybe my recent posts of my father and his music (Dad and Violin, Dad Playing the Violin for Mike) guided my subconscious doodles that became the pianist.

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