Nespoli Tone Study

It is nespoli time again in our back yard. Last year I devoted several sessions to them (Nespoli, Preliminary Sketch Abstract NespoliAbstract Nespoli).

Today I began with charcoal to differentiate the dark areas from the light. The background in the reference photograph was dark, dappled with light spots. I wanted to register the progression of brightness in the rest of the scene using pencil and charcoal. Finally, I decided to add tints of watercolor.

In the end, I did not get the separation between the foreground and background that I wanted. I outlined the shapes as a remedy.

Charcoal, Pencil and Watercolor: Abstract Nespoli Tone Study

Nespoli Tone Study
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Photograph: Nespoli 050617

Nespoli Reference Photo

2 thoughts on “Nespoli Tone Study

  1. Hi Jack, love your site. Lots to think about. You should write a book. Your insights are well thought out and beautifully written. Re. “Nespoli”: this word is plural, one loquat is “nespole”. Anyway, I like both renditions. The “Nespoli” pops because of the contrast in hues. The “Tone Study” has the wind at it’s back; the outline embraces the fruit and keeps it safe. CA


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