The Shadows Know

I took this shot many years ago. Usually, I recognize my own photos immediately. In this case however I was disoriented by the shapes of the entangled shadows. I must have been concentrating on the pedestrians who were blocking the light. I love photos that have more than one thing to say.


Yesterday I mentioned that subways below ground are devoid of color, while above ground, the full visible spectrum dominates.  I’m not certain whether my photo below is the exception to this rule or if all of Brooklyn is black and white.


I haven’t lived in New York City for about 8 years, but it still seems like home. My wife and I were watching a Woody Allen film the other night. It was set in the late 1930s, – early 40s, and for a split second, an art deco building appeared in the background. “That’s on 2nd […]

Side Street

When I lived in NYC, I wandered around the streets, usually with my camera loaded with black and white film.  I had loaded my mind with some of the classic photos of old and, in some cases, even tried to find the addresses of some of the doors photographed by Minor White and photographers of […]


There is nothing worse than putting your heart out there only to realize that no one cares. I happened upon the scene below in Central Park in the late 1980s. The puppeteer in the curtained stage clearly expected a crowd, as evidenced by the wire leading to the speaker on the ground.  No one came. Maybe […]

Street Photographer’s Dream

When I lived in New York, I carried my camera everywhere. Those were the days before cell phones, when cameras were not ubiquitous. I was always on the lookout for something unusual. Once I talked to someone who said she only looked where she was going. I had a hard time understanding that. When I […]

Making Fun

This was one of the first photos I took when I lived in New York. I wanted to be a street photographer and looked at a lot of photography by the greats (Brassaï, Cartier-Bresson (of The Decisive Moment), Eugene Richards, and so on). I was looking for great juxtapositions, of which there are plenty in […]

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