Stand Up Guy

I don’ t know why my doodles lately have three-lobed forms. I guess three is an easy number of which to keep track, and to replicate if need be.  I like the three-digit hands and feet in particular. Who needs those other pesky appendages? There is more justification. For example, a tripod is an inherently stable structure any more legs and wobble becomes a definite possibility. Maybe I’m just lazy.

At any rate, today’s design perpetuates my three-toed slothiness.

Watercolor, Pen and Ink: Abstract

Standup Guy
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

One thought on “Stand Up Guy

  1. One of the first projects we did in Design Fundamentals was to take 3 coat hangers and make a stool we could sit on…I didn’t realize that 3 legs was the key, but I’ve remembered that fact ever since. Just shows once again that failure is a good teacher! (K)

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