Simple Bucket List

My wife and I saw ‘The Bucket List’ with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It was a heartwarming story indeed. In reality, unless one finds a billionaire buddy or is a billionaire one’s self, there is a limit to accomplishing one’s life’s ambitions before one dies.  Therefore, one necessarily must limit the scope of a so-called […]


Have any of you ever been embarrassed by your family? I’m reminded of this by encounters with current teenagers with whom I have had engaged in substantive and fulfilling conversations prior to entry into their years of double digits. I was embarrassed way before my teen age years. Previous posts about my older brother should give […]

A Couple Goes to the Doctor

A man whose health has been declining of late, goes to the doctor with his wife. The doctor checks him over and as they leave, he asks to speak to the wife alone in his office. “Your husband is gravely ill,” the doctor says. “But if you follow my instructions to the letter, he will […]

Gallows Humor

I wonder if it is a common trait of siblings of the severely handicapped to have a dark sense of humor. Webster defines gallows humor as ”humor that makes fun of a life-threatening, disastrous or terrifying situation.”[1] Disastrous or terrifying might describe experiences of some of us siblings; perhaps some have experienced life-threatening situations as […]