Sometimes, when I’m in abstract mode, I use a sketch pad to ‘road test’ some of my doodles. I am sure that the smallish format (9x12inch) inhibits my arm motion. I wonder what I will come up with when I have more room. That is fun to think about.

I return to splatter mode today.  I began with random splashes of green followed by splotches of dark blue. My mind wandered back to my recent visit to Burbank and Will singing ‘Old MacDonald’.  I flipped my paint brush in synchrony with the ‘E-I-E-I-O’ chorus.  After enlisting the help of a can of compressed air, I decided that today’s creation was beginning to look more like a cell about to divide than anything related to farming.  All I had to do to complete the illusion was to add a bit of yellow about the equator and  red at the poles of my imaginary cell.

Watercolor: Abstract - Splatter

12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I realize that not everyone will share my vision of this study. Feel free to imagine your own associations.

2 thoughts on “Mitosis

  1. Yes it could be mitosis, but could it also could it be a ripe poppy seed head about to shake the seeds all over the soil? could it be a hungry bed bug with a new ankle to feed on? Could it be a bug on the windscreen of a fast moving truck? It could be different things to everyone,

    No matter what it could be – it IS art – making people look, and think, and reflect, and wonder – and look again.

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