Great Time

We made really good time on the return trip from Burbank to San Jose.  I painted the weather vane yesterday without the knowledge that there was indeed a storm brewing north of San Francisco and would be unleashing its torrents on San Jose by evening. So instead of taking the scenic route home along the […]

Weather Vane

Last day in Burbank. We’re going home. Sidra went off to Science Camp this morning. The place feels a bit empty. I can’t wait for Science Camp stories or, even better, Science Camp paintings. Today’s watercolor experiment: My study today is a pencil sketch overlaid with watercolor. Sidra’s line-drawing technique served me in good stead since my […]

My Own Medicine

Yesterday I asked my ten-year-old granddaughter, Sidra, to paint a picture of what she thought Science Camp would be like. She did a bang-up job, rendering a representation of Cabin 4, where she’ll be staying, a tree and a sign that said ‘Science Camp’. She added two beakers, an homage to the ‘science’ in Science […]

Science Camp

One of the reasons that Joy and I traveled to Burbank was to see Sidra before she goes off to Science Camp. Sidra is our granddaughter.  She is 10 years old and has never been away to camp of any kind. I’ve written other blog posts about Sidra, who has a 19 month old brother, William: […]

Out to Eat

We all went out today and had a very nice day, although everything was crowded as could be. At the end of the day we had dinner, five big people and a baby. During dinner I snapped quite a number of photos. I like the one of William eating spaghetti, the most. Today’s watercolor experiment: […]

Travel Day – To Burbank

Today was a travel day to see the kids and the grandkids. Traffic wasn’t too bad on the way down to Burbank. As we were driving on ‘the 5’ (the nomenclature locals use when they talk about Interstate 5) at a good clip (the speed limit is 70 miles per hour), when I saw red […]


Today’s (almost aborted) watercolor experiment: Having worked for the past several days on painting studies of real leaves and trees, I thought I would delve into the abstract. My plan was to use my latex resist, pour out a leaf-like design, let it dry, experiment with colors on the uncovered paper, remove the resist and proceed based […]

Screened Fig Tree

Today’s watercolor experiment: It has been raining here for the past week. Yesterday’s experiment was a rendition of persimmon and fig leaves against a dark, wet background. Today, I painted another view of the rainy outdoors from a different perspective: through a screen. Here is the reference photo: Process: My first thought on approaching this […]

Leaves in the Rain

Today’s watercolor experiment: I love to take photographs of objects that catch my eye, as I mentioned the other day. However, sometimes I can’t resist an entire scene, uniformly lit. It’s been rainy and overcast here for the past few days. Overcast light is wonderful, as it seems to come from everywhere.  Today’s photograph is […]

Remembering Dad

Dad died 7 years ago yesterday (November 30 by the lunar calendar).  Thoughts of him have been in the back of my mind all month. Although I wasn’t conscious of it, this may have prompted me to read A Mathematician’s Apology by G.H Hardy, a book that had been sitting on my shelf for quite […]