All Uphill

I’m exhausted. The drive from Burbank to San Jose took longer than expected. We took US 101, the scenic route. It was in maximal contrast to the route we took down there: The 5.  Interstate 5 is as straight as an arrow for ‘over 200 miles’, according to Pinky, the voice of our Global Positioning System. […]

Great Time

We made really good time on the return trip from Burbank to San Jose.  I painted the weather vane yesterday without the knowledge that there was indeed a storm brewing north of San Francisco and would be unleashing its torrents on San Jose by evening. So instead of taking the scenic route home along the […]

On the Road Again – and Fireplugs

It is that time of year again: the pilgrimage to see Sidra on her birthday. It is usually Burbank, California. Now and then her parents come up to San Jose with her so we can celebrate.  Sidra is our granddaughter. As you read this, she will have a digit in the ‘tens’ column indicating her age. No […]