Ramp and Tread

I like this color combination and the arrangement of the rectangles that comprise the visual elements of this photo. Through the lens of my camera, I’ve been editing the views of pavement for a long time. I realize that some of my photos could be blueprints for wonderful abstract paintings. Looking at the photo below, […]

Leaves and Lasagna

I began this study as an abstract of the leaves from the same tree whose texture I studied.  I began this before I started a new recipe for vegetable lasagna. I cut a lot of Swiss chard. Some of the chard had red stems and veins.  I do not usually cook, so the preparation of […]


Just yesterday I was walking up the sidewalk to the house when I heard this buzzing sound behind me.  I’ve lived here long enough to recognize it as the sound of a humming bird’s vibrating wings. I turned around to see it needling its beak into the flowers in our front yard. In the realm of music, humming […]

Science Camp

One of the reasons that Joy and I traveled to Burbank was to see Sidra before she goes off to Science Camp. Sidra is our granddaughter.  She is 10 years old and has never been away to camp of any kind. I’ve written other blog posts about Sidra, who has a 19 month old brother, William: […]