My Whole Life Turned Sepia

Every now and then I have dreams that unleash emotions. Most of the time my dreams are vivid images, frequently with a narrative thread that ties them together. Last night’s dream was very emotional I was a teacher at an art school. New students were arriving at a place where they received individual orientation and where […]

Scarlet Fever

When I was a kid I had Scarlet Fever. I don’t remember how old I was, but I do remember that I was in my bed and I was dreaming about this red dot. It really wasn’t a dream, it was more like a vision. I asked Mom if that’s why they call it Scarlet […]

Another Push Pull Attempt

More push pulling “Carving space with colors.” This sentence stuck in my mind more than any other today, after searching the net for more information about the teachings of Hans Hofmann. Carving space with colors – such an interesting concept. One can almost see the possibilities if one is familiar with the fact that cool colors such […]

Toe in the Water

One of today’s experiments I went to a local art store today. There were a number of art supply vendors there hawking their wares. I was intrigued by one of them, which offered a demonstration of their new watercolor product on a piece of cardboard prepared with watercolor ground material – a material similar to […]

Creativity Around the Edges

Expression of ideas The work and teachings of the great artist Paul Klee, have captivated me for the past several weeks. One of his ideas is at the core of my ambition: to be able to express my inner world, visually. Klee defines art as follows: “Art does not reproduce the visible, but rather makes […]

Near and Far

I didn’t get a chance to read about Hans Hofmann too much today. I am familiar with his work. I like it a lot. My mother took me to see a Hofmann show at the Museum of Modern Art once in the 1960s. I must have thought his work approachable, because Mom told me that […]

Physics and Chemistry

I continue to strive to explore ways to express my ideas in visual form.  My original idea was to express my feelings or emotional state, visually, but I have only been close to that point one or two times. Ideas, however, are easier. Thoughts leading up to today’s experiment: I was up early today. At […]

Fig Leaf Inspiration

There is something about fig leaves shortly after they come out in the spring. They are so…. new. They are thick, heavily veined and, when the light strikes them in just the right way, so interesting to look at, for me at least. Here is a photograph of one taken shortly after noon, just the […]

Search for Inspiration

Occasionally I get inspiration block. I suppose many of you are the same way, especially on Mondays.  To tell the truth, I’m taking a break from reading about the theoretical bases of art and trying to implement my own vision. While I was thinking of what my experiment of the day would be, I thought […]

Abstract Amusement

Recently most of my posts have been about watercolor sketching. I try to experiment with it every day. I am interested in the process of creativity, with the goal of being able to visibly express emotions that I feel.  The great Paul Klee once said that “Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.”  Yesterday […]

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