Waiting for the Receptionist

The portal from the waiting room the inner office is guarded by the receptionist. The official waiting period starts here. Some receptionists are quick. In the case below, I barely had one minute to sketch the woman in her pre-wait status.

Man Paying for Meal

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out new technology. I knew that this young man would figure it out quickly, so I had to sketch very quickly, before they left. No more waiting for waiters or waitresses. The key to a quick sketch is to capture gestures and posture. Other details can be filled after […]

Interposed Figures

I was on my break, patiently sketching the group across the room when a trio of people sat directly in the line of sight between my subjects and me. I had just enough time to quickly line out their shapes.

Ageless Man

The subject of this drawing was an older man. I only had a couple of minutes to sketch. I got his outline correct, and his hairline, but was unable to supply details which would have made his age apparent.

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