Fun with Lines

I took a break today. No researching about surrealism, abstract expressionism or any kind of expressionism. I just thought that I would have some fun with lines.

In all honesty, though, I was inspired by the grids that Joan Miró used to organize his paintings and sketches. Now I understand how he could say that he was so exacting that he couldn’t tolerate being off by a millimeter. Before I saw the grids by which he divided his canvas, I asked myself, “a millimeter compared with what?”  Now I understand what he meant.

Today’s experiment

Experiment December 23, 2013; painting shapes made up by intersecting grid lines

5″x7″ Hot Pressed 140# Watercolor Paper


In today’s experiment, I divided my 5″x7″ paper in half diagonally, and then in quarters. I used a French curve to divide the paper in 3 parts, on each diagonal.

Beginning with blue, I painted each shape whose vertices touched. I used different shades of blue as well as different dilutions of the same shade for variety.

Likewise, starting with a red, adjacent to a blue shape, I painted all the shapes whose vertices touched, in different shades and colors of red.

Those shapes that were left over, I painted yellow.

Underlying reasoning behind this composition

None really, aside from: 1) I wanted to use a grid, similar to what Miró used; 2) I wanted to use primary colors. These were my only conscious decisions that governed this experiment

Was I being surrealistic? Is this composition evidence of my unconsciousness at work? If it was, how could I know.

I welcome feedback.


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