Sunny LA, Cautious First Walk

We made it to LA. Still reeling from the move from suburbia to urbia. Feeling uncomfortable excitement or anxiety, or alienation or like an alien.  Need to decompress both in mind and in boxes.  Hopefully will be able to continue the book series very soon.

Everything Has To Be Somewhere

Yesterday, Dave, my younger brother and I cleaned out Mom’s apartment. She died last week, not long after her 90th birthday. I was able to fly out from California for her party. It was a lot of fun. Mom had a rough night just before I left to go home. Just before my plane took off, I […]

Bad Day and its Identity Shift

Yesterday’s blog was a graphic metaphor about the terrible day on Friday. So here’s the story. My wife and I moved from our shared home of six years to a new place this past Saturday. Friday morning we had no idea we’d be moving, by Saturday we were loading suitcases in the car for new quarters, […]


It is getting harder and harder for me to be an existentialist these days. My wife and I are trying to pack up and move halfway across the country, and I am trying desperately to let go of things I don’t need and will probably never need. There’s the rub: ‘things I will probably never […]


It’s funny how words can change meanings over the years. During my childhood, most of the attention went to my older brother, who was diagnosed with autism and profound retardation in addition to being nonverbal. Mom would take us into New York City every day and drop me off with a family friend while she […]

More Thoughts on Letting Go

An answer In my blog the other day, I wondered whether siblings of handicapped brothers or sisters would necessarily end up being acquisitive, keeping memorabilia and other clutter. I got a wonderful comment from Kristin, who also has a handicapped sib and no problem at all with de-cluttering, or ‘cleansing’ as she so aptly put […]

Letting Go

No, not the maudlin ‘letting go’ one must deal with at the end of a relationship, or when a loved one dies; it is letting go of stuff accumulated over the years. See my post, Storage Implies Retrieval, for more information about my relationship with ‘stuff’. I am sure that cluttering disorder is in DSM-5 […]