Nespol-Leaf Salad

The nespoli (also known as loquats) are still hanging around on the tree, although there are a significant number on the ground. Some of them on the tree have been eaten away by birds. Squirrels like them too, but I haven’t seen them around.

I took some more pictures, this time concentrating on the leaves. They are quite large and waxy looking. I like the way they loom over the fruit.

Below is yet another nespoli/loquat scenario.

Watercolor: Nespoli Leaves and Fruit

Nespol-Leaf Salad
9″x6″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Waxiness aside, I would never make a salad with nespoli leaves. With all the birds perching on branches eating the fruit, I am afraid of contracting histoplasmosis.

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