Preliminary Sketch Abstract Nespoli

I like the design that came through in my photograph of the nespoli (also known as loquat) tree.

Photograph: Fruit from the Nespoli Tree

Low Hanging Nespoli

Yesterday’s painting was fun to do. I think resolving the shapes in the photograph to circles and polygons would be an interesting exercise as well. Below is my preliminary drawing.

Drawing for Abstract Nespoli Watercolor Sketch

Drawing for Nespoli Abstract
6″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

In the second stage, I will try using blended colors to contrast with the stark outlines of the figures. I omitted the ribs of the geometric leaves when the figure in front obscures it.

I’m hoping that the result will be a background of harmonious greens that make the circles in the foreground pop out and gradually recede as the viewer’s gaze progresses from bottom to top.

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