Blue Streak

I love to peruse the magazine section when I go to a bookstore. I gravitate toward the watercolor magazines and buy one now and then. However, I find that I rarely read them once I get home. Just as “writer’s block” is a phenomenon that inhibits writing, I’m sure that there is an equivalent circumstance that […]

Abstract 112316

I have the opposite of writer’s block. I’ve been doing one painting after another. I experiment with merging of different pigments and try to vary the strokes of my brush to effect different designs. I don’t remember the precise order of events for the painting below except for the beginning check-mark of a brush loaded with […]

Painter’s Block?

I have posted daily watercolor experiments for quite a while now. Sometimes I get inspiration from a previous post. It becomes fodder for my next blog entry. However, I feel a bit lost today. Writing For more than a week, I have been writing in a disciplined manner: no less than 15 minute sessions, at […]

No Respect

I’m reading The Art of Cézanne by Albert C. Barnes and Violette de Mazia.* This is their introduction to Cézanne’s work in the first paragraph of chapter 1: “To the uninitiated, Cézanne’s paintings seem strange to the point of bizarreness, alien to all the traditions of painting; but to the student who has grasped the essential nature of […]

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