Things get complicated, and not always what they seem. Take the color black for example. Some say that black is not even a color, but the presence of all colors. Some say that black is ugly. The Impressionists avoided using black. Black spots on the skin are probably bad. At the doctor’s office today, he showed […]

Daylight Comfort Zone

Comfort zone: They say that it is good to be out of one’s comfort zone. I’m willing to risk getting back into it for just a little while. The past couple of weeks… make that months have pegged the discomfort needle to the maximum setting: numb.  It started with planning for a trip back east […]

What Next?

What does does a person do when the structure supporting one’s life starts to erode?  Is the feeling like a phantom limb? Hard to say, since I have all my physical limbs. I can imagine it being like a psychic limb amputation, however. When my father was alive, we didn’t talk very much. But I visited him when […]

Nobody’s Quite Right

Everyone is leaving tomorrow and nobody feels quite right. Even William is crying his head off, instead of going to sleep. Sidra was feeling really badly because she will miss everyone. I will miss them both, as well as their parents, who seem to center us as much as they do their kids. Go figure. […]